F As In Frank Papergoods Co.
Making An Impression Since 2013


What happens when you give a letterpress to a serial entrepreneur, an accountant and an animator?Melanie, the serial entrepreneur, is the owner of several successful small businesses (which combine to make one big small business) related to the stationery and events industries. She wholesales, she retails, she parcel mails. Jason, the numbers guy, is Melanie's sidekick, in life and in business. He has a background in finance and accounting across a number of industries. Since joining Melanie in her entrepreneurial pursuits, Jason's worn all the hats that come with a growing enterprise, most recently the ink-smeared cap of a pressman. Stephanie, the animator, is Melanie's sister. She simultaneously runs multiple online stationery shops, juggles online promotion, and freelances as a graphic designer, all while holding a full time job and pursuing her love of photography when she has an extra few minutes. These talents unite to form our newest venture: F as in Frank Papergoods Co.A few years ago, we were offered a Chandler and Price letterpress that had been buried in an old numbering shop. Never ones to pass up a really good deal (free), we stacked all the pieces in a corner of our garage, unsure of what purpose it would ultimately serve. Finally, in 2013, we rolled up our sleeves, backed out the car, snapped all the parts together, and stood back to behold our own fully functioning letterpress. An occasional weekend wind-up wouldn't do; we needed to feed this machine the deluge of work it demanded. The tiny seedling of yet another entrepreneurial challenge was planted in that moment. Within a few months, F as in Frank sprouted from the fertile bed of our combined talents in creativity and commerce. Call us FAIF. We present unique designs printed on quality stock. FAIF uses earth-friendly materials, sourcing 100% cotton papers for our cards and envelopes, and recycled or bio-degradable materials for our packaging and catalogs. Our commitment to these standards is universal and we strive to integrate them into all aspects of our business. It's about value, it's about appeal, and it's about care. But most of all, it's about making an impression. At F As In Frank, we're saying something.